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Where we started

Symbiosys was founded in 1998, as a web design and development company. Back then the Internet was only beginning to impact every part of business, consumer and social interaction. There was no way to know then, how huge an effect it would actually have. We’ve been around for that whole transformation and glad to be a part of it.

Symbiosys started out working with clients such as Fujifilm (digital) creating their first online photo store application; Adelaide Fringe where we co-designed the Artist Event Registration System and Johnson & Johnson where we designed the UI for the 17 brands in Asia Pacific. Then in the 2010’s we added mobile customisation to our list of services as we still to this day do much of the device customisation for Optus.  These days a lot of our business is building and customising online stores.

Where we’re going

We’ve learned a lot in the last decade or so. We’ve worked on some great projects and formed some rewarding and long term business relationships – both of which we are most proud of. In saying that, we remain very focussed on what’s coming up next.

We embrace the changing technologies we work with and we’re passionate about keeping up to date – bring this together with our love of problem solving and our clients benefit with huge advantages in quality, flexibility and cost.